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About Us
Welcome to the World Union of Arab Bankers (WUAB), the prominent Arab Forum that assembles Arab Leaders of economics and finance, Influential Banking Pioneers, Top-notch Experts, Successful Businessmen, Remarkable Professionals and Brilliant Entrepreneurs.
WUAB is the sister organization of the Union of Arab Banks (UAB) established upon its recommendation and support in 2006 in Casablanca-Morocco. WUAB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that enjoys by virtue of Presidential Decree number 18109, the privileges, immunities and exemptions extended to regional and international organizations operating under the United Nations.

We firmly believe that WUAB - the ideal platform for communication, networking, and information sharing, which gathers today under its umbrella, the elite Arabs working in the Arab World and internationally - has fostered mutual cooperation among its members and strived to serve their common interests and goals thus reinforcing the Arab Banking and finance industry. It further represents a main drive for synergizing Arab competencies. Such synergy of talents will strengthen business relations, and ultimately energize their role in the "Global Village" we live in today.

Based on this belief, the Founding Members took the initiative of establishing this large-scale World Union that aims at weaving a network of connections among Arab bankers and finance professionals along with their foreign counterparts, to give a strategic depth to the Arab banking industry by strengthening relations with the international markets, and enhancing the position of the Arab banking and financial industries worldwide.

Furthermore, WUAB strives to promote the high skills and professionalism of Arab bankers and shall yearly honor those who have distinguished themselves with exceptional performance. Macro-economics, Risk Management, Compliance, and Corporate governance standards are but some of the numerous strategic issues the WUAB addresses on the Arab and international levels, thus contributing to further cooperation and exchange of ideas on key banking issues. Additionally, the WUAB shall dedicate itself to promote investment in the Arab region and reinforce cooperation with alike regional and international organizations.

Assuring you of our firm commitment to attaining every goal we set, I greatly encourage you to join our efforts in steering the Arab banking and financial industries into global recognition.

Moreover, our thanks go to those founding members who have contributed to the success of our Union. We would be amiss however not to express our appreciation to our board of directors and advisory board who have provided the guidance and support to our endeavor.

Dr. Joseph Torbey