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About Us
  1. To establish and develop ties between those Arab bankers and finance professionals to foster cooperation among them in view of serving their common interests and further developing the Arab banking and financial industries.

  2. To weave a network of connections among Arab Bankers and finance professionals along with their foreign counterparties, to give a strategic depth to the Arab banking industry by strengthening relations with the international markets, and reinforcing the Arab banking and financial industries on the world map.

  3. Detecting competent Arab or those of Arab bankers and finance professionals origin, and establishing communication channels among themselves to benefit from their expertise, and establishing a documentation centre in view of gathering information pertaining to Arab bankers and bankers and finance professionals active in and outside the Arab world.

  4. To establish and promote mutual cooperation with Arab and international bodies dealing with banking, corporate governance standards and anti-money laundering issues.

  5. To collaborate with the media to bring to light the high-standing of Arab bankers and to illustrate the commitment of the Arab banking industry to international standards and professional ethics agreements , and strive to reinforce the common values and spread the culture of sound management in the Arab banking and financial industries.

  6. To encourage Arab bankers and experts to issue publications, research papers and banking journals in an effort to enrich the Arab financial library, and an endeavor to spread the modern banking culture, as well as all novelties occurring in the banking and financial industries; and strive to constantly review training and learning banking programs to facilitate the integration of Arab bankers in the international banking andfinancial industries.

  7. To encourage members of the WUAB to promote investments in the Arab region.

  8. 8- To foster cooperation with the following bodies, in view of exchanging knowledge and experiences:
    • local, regional and international banking associations and unions,
    • regional and international bodies active in economic, banking and financial fields, and universities and research centers.

  9. To honor distinguished Arab bankers or of Arab origin around the world.

  10. To deploy all and any efforts to promote and advance the foregoing purposes of WUAB.