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The WUAB is constituted of the following categories of members: Founding Members, Active Members, Associate Members, Observer Members and Honorary Members (Advisory Council Members).
  1. Founding Members
    Founding Members are those who took the initiative of establishing the WUAB, have signed and ratified its Articles of Association. Those form the WUAB’s Constituting Body.
  2. Active Members
    Active Members are those who actively participate in the daily aspects of the WUAB and benefit from its services. Each Founding Member is essentially an Active Member of the World Union.

    Active Members are Arab or of Arab origin bankers, or those occupying or have occupied key positions in financial or banking institutions in Arab countries or around the world, and whose membership has been duly accepted pursuant to the present Articles of Association of the WUAB.
  3. Associate Members
    Associate Members enjoy all the rights and privileges of Active Members except of voting power in the General Assembly.

    The Associate Members comprise of highly professional groups aiming at developing the various branches of the banking profession through working groups that maintain communication amongst each other and with the concerned institutions, be it on national, regional or international levels.

    The six working groups initiated from the Associate Members by the WUAB are:
    1. Group of Certified Compliance Officers
    2. Group of Risk Professionals
    3. Human Resources Managers
    4. Group of IT Managers
    5. Group of Treasury Directors
    6. Group of Head of Internal Audit
  4. Observer Members
    Observer Members are those individuals called upon for membership by the WUAB, in consideration of the added value of their membership thereto.

    Observer Members shall have the right to participate to the WUAB General Assembly meetings and discussions, except that they shall not have the right to vote
  5. Honorary Members
    Honorary Members are appointed by the WUAB in their quality of being key figures in the financial and banking industries, and for their aptitude in providing moral or material support to the WUAB.

    Honorary Members shall have no right of participation in the General Assembly meetings.

    Shall be formed from among Honorary Members, an Advisory Council vested with these following duties and responsibilities:
    • To discuss issues facing the Arab economies and banking sectors and propose suggestions to resolve these issues.
    • To support WUAB's purposes, by means of issuing recommendations, providing advice and consultations, and proposing initiatives to the WUAB's Board of Directors for discussion and decision making.
    • To identify prominent and competent banking and financial personalities and propose their membership to the WUAB.
    • To identify prominent and competent banking and financial personalities working in the Arab and international communities in view of honoring them during special ceremonies, to shed the light on their achievements, success stories, and life-long contributions to the development of the Arab banking and financial industries.