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The Annual HR Forum

December 16,2016 - December 17,2016
Beirut - Lebanon


Human Resources has become the center of the development of societies.

The World Union of Arab Banks takes the honor to make the development of the Human Resources in the Banking Sector of the Arab World as one of its priorities. In this Forum, we will focus on flourishing the economy through providing the participants from the HR Village with the necessary learning experiences and best practices in empowering the competencies of their Human Capital so that they best contribute in the quality and the compliance of the work they do, the service they provide and the growth of the communities.

This high level forum will emphasize on the intended role of the Human Resource function which will be demonstrated via the exclusive panel discussions that will be tackling unique topics for the first time in the Arab Banking World.

This forum will also give the chance to the participating HR executives to share their best practices in the management of Human Capital and it will also focus on the latest trends of many Human Resources products such as Talent Management, Organizational Learning and Employee Engagement.

The forum will showcase a renowned banking / academic Success Story in which a giant from the banking / academic sector will convey the secret of his success and the ways in which he succeeded in linking between the results of his corporation’s businesses and the role they is looking for the Department of HR and Talents Management.


This Forum aims to shed light on the recent developments in the management of human resources, talent and training in the banking and financial institutions, in order to spread the new culture and make more efforts by those responsible for these departments to convince decision makers of the importance of the role played by the organization, which is considered one of the key elements in the success and achievement of its objectives and strengthen its competitive position.


·         Engagement – Make your Bank a Great place

·         From Hiring to Belonging to Growth

1.      Recruitment

2.      Onboarding

3.      Development

4.      Recognition

·         Talent Acquisition and the Digitalization

1.      The power of online recruitment

2.      The power of social media in talent acquisition


·         The next level of Learning and Development

1.      From tradition to new trends in Training

2.      Latest training models


·         People Competencies and Business Strategies

·          Leadership versus Management

·         Innovation in Human Resources

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