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Mr. Fakhruddin Khalil


Mr. Fakhruddin Khalil - Member

United States

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Name of Bank/Institution

F. Khalil & Co., IDOM Middle East, LLC


Management Position at the Bank



Academic Qualifications

- B.A. Economics/ American University of Beirut.
- M.A. Economics/ American University of Beirut.


Current Managerial Positions

- Chairman, F. Khalil and Co., Inc. / U.S.A.
- Chairman, IDOM ME/ U.S.A.
- Chairman, Amerab Business Solutions s.a.l. / Lebanon.


Previous Managerial Positions

- General Representative of UBAF Banking Group for the Middle East, Beirut/Lebanon.
- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, UBAF Arab American Bank/New York.


Membership in other Institutions

- Founding President, Arab Bankers Association of North America
- Board Member, Union of Arab Banks
- Advisory Board Member, Middle East Institute Washington D.C./U.S.A.


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