Imagine you want to start a business, and let’s say it’s an original idea like a dietary supplement that claims to give customers some positive health effects. So after finalizing the legal and administrative part, you market your product online sell it. Voila you are now running a business where
The Board of Directors of the World Union of Arab Bankers held its thirty-first meeting for the period 2022-2025, on Thursday, May 19, 2022 in Cairo – Egypt, and on its agenda was the election of chairman, two deputies and members of board. Dr. Joseph Torbey, Chairman and General Manager
With global problems varying between decrease in real incomes in advanced economies, a not very positive outlook for China, and the fears from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there is strong reason to worry that the post-pandemic recovery may convert to a recession. But there is still much that policymakers could do
BY DR SOHA MAAD Introduction Decentralised Finance DEFI is threatening the future of banks. This article overviews DEFI, its historical evolution, its various technologies, applications, and ecosystem. Following this overview, the article establishes a comparison between Decentralised Finance DEFI and Centralised Finance CEFI. The article presents the opportunities and risks
The additional spike in food and energy prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict could be devastating for China. But the country’s neutral political stance toward the war may also yield economic gains. China announced a GDP growth target for 2022 of about 5.5%, the lowest target since 1991. In 2013,
The Ukrainian conflict has caused increases in oil and food prices, further harming developing countries striving to recover from the pandemic. International organizations should provide financing to help these economies cope with multiple shocks, and back regulations to prevent speculation in key markets. It is hard to define any winners
BY DR SOHA MAAD Introduction Latest world development, mainly wars and alliances, motivates us to raise the question of who owns world resources. Food security, oil and gas supply and distribution, healthcare provision, and rising prices coupled with shortage in life essential products and services are becoming a major concern
Care is the life-giving force that sustains health and well-being, binding together societies and ecologies. But everyday forms of care, though essential, are systematically undervalued. Most care is provided by women, whose contributions are celebrated on International Women’s Day, even though they should be marked every day of the year.
It is becoming clear that the Ukraine war’s economic and humanitarian repercussions – especially rising food prices – will be felt far beyond Europe. The international community must act now to prevent some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people from becoming collateral damage. The war in Ukraine is
By Dr Soha Maad Introduction This article sheds light on the use of TikTok in banking and finance. The article starts by introducing TikTok and its main features, how to download it, and how to use it. Following this introduction, the article overviews the market growth of TikTok APP and